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Pediatric Dentist in Las Vegas and Henderson Areas

Welcome to Toothfairy Children's Dental, a pediatric dental office that caters to kids. We have two locations to serve you, in Henderson and Las Vegas. Our Henderson location features two side-by-side suites, one of which is geared toward adults who wish to have general dental treatments at the same time as their child. When you step through our doors, you'll immediately see that we are not your ordinary dental practice. Fun and colorful, our office is a welcoming environment designed to ease your child's fears and promote a healthy attitude toward oral health.

Caring Pediatric Dentistry in Henderson and Las Vegas

We have a separate children’s play room with video games and toys to keep the kids engaged before seeing the dentist. Our entire staff is great with kids and patient care. We offer introductory tours of the office and are always willing to accommodate any special needs our young patients may have. We have both male and female dentists, ensuring that children who might be more comfortable with a dentist of the same gender have that option. Our staff is multilingual (English, Spanish, and Vietnamese). 

Advanced Treatment from Las Vegas' Leading Pediatric Dentists

Toothfairy Children's Dental offices are equipped with digital x-ray and panoramic imaging equipment. Where other pediatric dentists refer patients to specialists for extractions and root canals, we handle all treatments at our Las Vegas and Henderson children's dental offices. We offer preventive orthodontic treatments to prevent or lessen orthodontic therapy. We make dental appliances to help prevent braces or shorten the length of time braces are needed. Our dentists work closely with our orthodontists to monitor progress.

We also provide lingual frenectomies, a procedure that releases the tongue, for patients with a condition commonly known as “tongue tie”, which affects speech. Upper central frenectomies are also available to patients with a prominent upper central frenum, a piece of tissue that extends between the middle of the upper lip and the two front upper teeth. This condition can cause a gap between the two front teeth. Upper central frenectomies remove this tissue, allowing the teeth to come together.  

Sedation Dentistry Options for Children

We also offer children's sedation dentistry, via nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation, to help ease anxiety. General anesthesia for out-patients is also available at our out-patient surgery centers for patients with high anxieties, special needs, or extensive decay. Children's sedation dentistry also allows for treatment to be completed in one visit. 

After each appointment, children receive toys, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. All kids who have had their teeth extracted receive a gold coin from the “tooth fairy.” This is real money! We special-order dollar coins specifically so the tooth fairy can work her magic!

Are you ready to introduce your kids to Toothfairy Children's Dental? If you send an online appointment request, we will contact you the same day. We will also send reminders via your communications method of choice: email, text, or phone.

Toothfairy Children's Dental is Las Vegas and Henderson’s answer to children's dentistry. You can even have general dental treatments at the same time as your child! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.